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Interested in Our Board?

We are a board of hardworking, passionate women dedicated to our mission of supporting the Settlement. We challenge ourselves to create more opportunities to Educate, Nurture and Inspire every year.

Why Join?
•    Collaborate with an intergenerational group of dedicated women
•    Drive value back to the Settlement through fundraising
•    Put your valuable skill set to use
•    Have fun!

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Active Board Members

Sarah Arlandson

Chris Beer

Christina Blas

Margot Buehler

Kathy Carbonell

Amy Chung

Ann Dalhart

Margaret Eger

Patty Felker

Karen Fischer

Cristen Forrester

Patty Gahlon

Elsa Garnett

Anne Gezon

Gina Gooden

Mary Lois Hakewill

Tracy Heilman

Margaret Herrmann

Judy Howser

Dania Leemputte

Jane Litin

Julie Montgomery

Anne Mueller

MaryAnn Rasmussen

Jeni Roderick

Joan Shapiro

Anne Simcox

Lisa Snabes

Emily Tzur

Sue Watt

Diane Welnhofer

Jane Whitesides


Associate Board

Cindy Bonds

Carrie Callegari

Joan Carter

Libby Cummings

Sue Heimlich

Carol Lorenz

Erminia Mack

Connie Magnuson

Midge Powell

Donna Proskine

Willie Ramsay

Sally Sprowl

Janet VanZuiden

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